Stonelink International

About Us

We are an experienced tight-knit team and work closely with the business owner and real estate investor who value their craft, as much as we value ours.

Purpose is the Blueprint for a Better Business

This is a really exciting time at our firm.
We’ve powered through some difficult moments and made it through and now are on the verge of solid growth.

We are a lean, boutique Real Estate Broker in London that sells, leases and acquires commercial and residential real estate for clients. We also advise, project-manage, and source opportunities, and this will only grow.

We are an experienced, tight-knit team with a passion to generate value for our clients and only see more opportunities to work closely with local and international business owners and real estate investors who truly value their craft, as much as we value ours.

There’s more to our work at Stonelink International than you could possibly imagine.

So, the next thing to do is to learn more about the company or call direct on + 44 (0) 207 993 4081 or contact us for a fast response.

What To Expect

  • We work with business owners from multiple sectors that turn over between £250K – £10 mln per annum.
  • Boutique firm, close knit real estate advisory team ensures confidentiality through the entire process.
  • We are experienced and responsible business owners who understand the pressures and deadlines that need to be met.
  • We specialise in solving complex problems.
  • An experienced real estate advisory team gives you comfort in knowing we hold your hand throughout your journey.
  • We work with multiple investors, landlords, business owners, funds, VCs and family offices.
  • We move quickly with an action plan to help you avoid costly mistakes and not waste time in a city that moves fast.
  • Fees are agreed in advance and offer certainty to allow the client to budget accordingly. Ultimately, we want to find the solutions that best suit all parties.