Stonelink International

The home for business owners with expanding business operations and real estate investors with diverse portfolios.


We work with the backbone of every economy, You!

Our clients open restaurants and kitchens and cook up delicious meals, grind superb coffee beans, love the scrapyard and recycle and re-invent unwanted items, build new finance firms with technology at the forefront facilitating and making our lives easier, create beautiful pubs and event spaces so everyone can enjoy the beer and wine, resurrect open plan warehouses for light industrial manufacturing, pop beautiful art pieces on walls and ceilings and doors, build quality apartments and houses for future generations and in the process, create new jobs for graduates, the unemployed, and the once upon a time retired – re-entering the workplace.

They go about their craft with creativity, drive, energy, passion and lots and lots of care.

They appreciate and value the people they serve, the people they interact with and the people they work with every day. They have come to be known as the battlers, the creators, the backbone of the economy. We are proud to call them our clients.

We understand not all people are the same

Business Owners


The service for business owners with expanding operations…

Real Estate Investors


The service for the real estate investor with a diverse portfolio…

Portsoken House

Introducing Portsoken House


5,178 Square Feet of Office Space

Flexible lease terms

1 min away from Aldgate station

What To Expect

  • We work with business owners from multiple sectors that turn over between £250K – £10 mln per annum.
  • We move quickly with an action plan to help you avoid costly mistakes and not waste time in a city that moves fast.
  • Our philosophy is to look out for you and give you comfort – even if it means recommending you steer clear of a deal or wait before putting your property on the market.
  • We understand portfolio diversity and asset allocation. We look at the intrinsic value of the commercial property investments, retail property investments, residential property investments.