The Real Cost of not Fully Assessing your Real Estate Decisions

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The Real Cost of not Fully Assessing your Real Estate Decisions

When in the market to purchase one or more business or commercial properties, it can be all too easy in getting caught up in having to make a quick decision. Especially in London, where the real estate market is known to move fast. Very fast! 

But what is the real cost of not assessing your real estate decisions?

Not taking the time, however, to take on a second opinion and consider all your options in line with your vision and your goals, can be the difference between the buy or sale of the century, and a mistake that can set you and your business back many years. Especially, if you have investor backed money that you are expected to return within a short period of time.

At Stonelink International, the London broker, all our clients benefit from receiving real estate advisory services for clear direction and accurate straightforward advice, whether it is on a daily retainer broker service or the monthly retainer broker service. With fees agreed in advance, it offers certainty to allow you, the client, to budget accordingly and for the property broker to remain focussed on ensuring the right property decisions are made for you, your employees, your family and your business.


Take away the stress of doing it ‘on your own’

Many real estate investors and business owners often try to navigate the property market on their own, especially if they’re new to commercial real estate. The internet has made real estate more accessible than ever before, leading many to believe that they can ‘save money’ or ‘do it cheaply’, by making big or complex real estate decisions on their own, while running the business, dealing with employees and clients, making time for the family, and time for your partner.  It is a tall order if you consider the pace of today’s lifestyle. 

The property brokers at Stonelink International will always ask you to consider the time, the energy and opportunity cost factor, ahead of rushing into this on your own.  This coupled with the fact that the real estate market is fast paced and ever changing, the ‘do it yourself’ method is a lot more difficult and in many cases as the property brokers have seen here at the London broker, unlikely to work out the way expected. Why?

Short cuts lead to dead ends and to do it on the cheap, many times, becomes an expensive and draining aftermath – especially if the lawyers are called to action.  You end up chasing and throwing good money after bad money. 

Real estate mistakes cost money, relationships and reputation. Save yourself the stress and hassle and work with a property broker at Stonelink International, a firm with the knowledge, expertise, experience, resources and track record to guide you through the process. Think of the daily or monthly broker retainer service as a valuable investment, that will reap you long term rewards, that will keep on giving.

It boils down to value over price

When it comes to choosing to work with a real estate broker, you aren’t simply purchasing a service where they find properties on the market and show them to you. You’re hiring an expert who provides you with a wealth of experience and knowledge, that will ensure that you make the correct financial and business decisions, according to your business or real estate portfolio. It’s tailored, not off the shelf!

Real estate brokers at Stonelink International ensure strict confidentiality throughout the entire process and offer tailored invaluable solutions, resources, support and guidance – as well as delivering on the perfect commercial properties for your business – from start to well after you’ve settled in. We are always there for you.

How do I choose the best property broker for me?

The property broker who values their craft, as much as you value yours, will shine through in the early stages of the discussion. Be sure to pick up on this point as it will make the relationship a delight and one to cherish and it shows the person you will work with truly cares and has your back. 

So, whether you choose the daily retainer broker service or the monthly retainer broker service, working alongside the property broker can elevate your business and your property investments.


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