The Legal Changes Landlords and Lettings Agents Need to Be Ready from 1st Oct 2018

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The Legal Changes Landlords and Lettings Agents Need to Be Ready from 1st Oct 2018

From the 1st of October, several changes will come into effect which will bring in new regulations on the grounds of how property owners and letting agents in England, may evict tenants.

These alterations were first brought forward in 2015, but were only for the tenancies that began or were renewed after that date. This lead to a transition period for the agreements dated before October 1st 2015, which ended on the same date in 2018.

From October 1st, 2018, the changes in the Deregulation Act will be applicable to all the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (ASTs). But there is still the caveat that all the changes might not be applicable!

Beginning from the said date, property owners are required by the government to use the Form 6A. This form now merges two earlier notices for periodic and fixed term tenancies into one single notice.

This also means that the property owners as well as the letting agents need to quit making use of their current notices and will have to comply with the newer regulations, regardless of the start date.

Moreover, according to the 2015 Deregulations Act, property owners and agents who are looking into issuing notices as per Section 21 have to make sure that their tenants are provided with the How to Rent Guide for renting inEngland ahead of the tenants checking in to the property.

Key Changes

The alterations made by the Deregulations Act to the notices in section 21 comprise of four basic categories.

·      Form 6A as the new form of notice to the tenants.

·      Bars on the provision of notices after local authority enforcement action under the HHSRS (retaliatory eviction);

·      Mandatory to serve and follow Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Gas Safety Certificates (GSCs);

·      Mandatory to serve and follow the How to Rent guide.

How do I find out more about this new law change?

It is very important to be prepared for what’s coming ahead and be organised before renting any property. The Department for Communities and Local Government’s Form 6A document ‘Notice seeking possession of a property let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy’ is important to understand;

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