The 3 Secrets Harley Davidson Keeps Under Wraps to Attract Loyal Customers and It’s Not What You Think!

Harley Davidson

The 3 Secrets Harley Davidson Keeps Under Wraps to Attract Loyal Customers and It’s Not What You Think!

The smart business owner knows the best form of marketing is word of mouth. To achieve this on a consistent scale requires a combination of meeting client’s expectations and driving value beyond what is expected.

But the biggest hurdle for every business owner is how to get the business to point where it self-promotes brand value. By this I mean, the customer does the marketing for you because they make the product a part of the life or lifestyles. To the point where the premium service and price is accepted and expected by customers. This is not easy to do!

So, how would you, as a business owner reach this pinnacle?

Enter, the classic Harley Davidson! The well know motorcycle heritage brand that has always kept to its humble roots. The motorcycle is a living embodiment and this belief resonates with its customers, who identify their lives with the motorcycle, and this was portrayed in Harley Davidson’s ‘faces’ campaign, where individual pieces of dismantled motorcycles were used to create portraits of the individuals who owned the Harley!

All the small, individual components that make their product, the motorcycle, includes the customer through the whole lifecycle. Here are three (3) key takeaways from the award-winning campaign;

  1. Identity
    The identity is one. The company, Harley Davidson, the motorcycle, the parts and the customer and even with the motorcycle at the end of its life, the parts are taken to draw the face of the individual whose motorbike was part of their identity.
  2. Creative and Simple
    A picture speaks a thousand words. By using the by-product, the parts of the motorcycle to draw the faces of the individual owner, is a masterful and inspirational touch that resonates even with non-motorcycle owners. It draws you in and makes you want to become part of this brand, whether it is wearing the merchandise or perhaps investing in a Harley Davidson in the future.
  3. Each Individual Customer Is Unique
    No matter where the customer is in the world, they are important, valued, unique and special. As an individual they are unique and yet become a valued part of the Harley Davidson family. This makes the brand value so much stronger and loyalty lives long with such a brand who stick close to its roots.


The campaign is an amazing case for business owners to consider and implement a similar strategy.

Brock Davis was the artist behind the campaign (below)*. The Harley Davidson ‘Faces’ won the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, winning print campaign for Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories in 2008.

Cannes Lions is the leading global resource for benchmarking creativity and effectiveness.

* All rights are the artist’s, Brock Davis and The Harley Davidson Corporation.

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