Real Estate Broker Vs Real Estate Agent: What Are The Differences in England?

Real Estate Broker in England

Real Estate Broker Vs Real Estate Agent: What Are The Differences in England?

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most; ‘What is the difference between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Agent in England?’.


We understand why it’s asked so often, especially in the United Kingdom where people may not be used to working with brokers. Despite there being some clear differences between the two, there is also some overlap in the roles which can lead to confusion. As a business owner or property investor, you need to make sure you’re choosing to work with the best person for your specific wants or needs. Which is why it’s important to know and understand the differences between the two.


Ultimately; when it comes to the choice between broker and agent you need to consider who will provide you with the highest value when it comes to their full roll, the time they take, the service they deliver, and the results they execute. If it’s high end results and personal service with focus and dedication that you’re after, then a Property Broker is the right choice for you. 


The 5 Differences between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Agent based in England;


1 – Value Driven Dedication

When you work with a real estate broker, you’re working with one experienced and dedicated broker, not a mixed team or complete unknowns, brought in to fill the high staff turnover gaps within an estate agency. Essentially you can guarantee that all of your property affairs are managed by one firm, one property broker. Not only does this usually mean consistent results and top service, but also this dedicated broker drives consistent value and savings across your entire real estate portfolio and makes it a convenient luxury to have on call, as and when you want. 


2 – Strict Confidentiality

Following on from above, dealing with only one dedicated broker also means that you have the reassurance of strict confidentiality. When you’re dealing with high end residential and commercial property and investment deals, it’s important that you like and trust the firm and property broker working on your behalf. Having one broker, rather than multiple departments and teams, gives you the peace of mind knowing who is directly responsible and accountable to ensure your data remains confidential, private and secure. 


3 – Long Term Outlook for You is Key

The best of the best property broker’s work with a selected client base, never on volume. At Stonelink International, the London broker, the company philosophy is to look out for you, provide you comfort, accurately advise you, and be constantly at your service. Furthermore, we work closely with you and always decide on the best course of action for the client – even if that means avoiding a deal or waiting to put a property on the market. 


4 – Detailed Project Management

The property broker is there to take care of every little detail from beginning to end with after care and service being a very important part of the relationship. You may be considering to purchase land or an old building for development purposes, investing and setting up of an office or business in a new city, commercial property lease for office space in London, relocation of staff and family members who will require housing, school assistance for families, legal assistance, financial assistance, interior design and furnishings, building maintenance, contractors and more. As your real estate broker, Stonelink International draws up an action plan, draws in the best resources and works closely to deliver on your behalf and not waste time. 


5 – Wide Network and Resources

The very best real estate brokers have build an impressive and trusted network and resources to benefit their firm and also their clients lives. At Stonelink International, we value our close relationships with people and companies who can immensely benefit you and your property investments and select our suppliers and resource providers wisely over time. It is never rushed and this formula has supported and increased the value in our company and passed on to the business and personal lives of our investors and landlords,  business owners, funds, venture capitalists and family offices to name a few. 


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