Re-invent Your Business

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Re-invent Your Business

As business owners, we appreciate that reinventing your business can be a very scary concept. You have no doubt spent a lot of time laying the foundations and building blocks of your business to get it to where it is today, not to mention the financial outlay.

However, one thing we do know for sure is that change is the only constant. And the simple truth is, that making a change can be the catalyst to making your business a huge success. It is, as we all know, human nature to resist change.

Stonelink International want to explore and help you understand why it is so difficult to re-invent and make a change and yet so fundamental to how your business continues to grow successfully.

Change can be intimidating because it’s associated with uncertainty, self-exploration, and a feeling like you’re losing control. However, here’s what you, as a business owner, need to focus on; it can also mean possibility, opportunity, progress, and improvement. We know that shifting our perceptions of change, we can better use it to our advantage.

Let’s look at some real, hands-on strategies that have helped us and our clients reinvent, embrace change, and become stronger and more successful as a result:

Let’s start with “The Why”

Positive change requires a positive vision. If you share a new vision or include your colleagues in a new story for your business, change will naturally follow.

In addition to this, getting your team involved and sharing your vision, ensures investment or ‘buy-in’ from them.  To this point, it also gives them an open platform to feel comfortable to bring their own ideas to the table. And, well, let’s face it, the more people that are invested and creating the ‘story’ together, the better and more impactful the change.

Great stories begin with the cause or, the “why”. Some of our greatest leaders and innovators – from Martin Luther King Jr, to Apple – they had one thing in common…they started with the why.

There were and always will be, other teams that were better qualified or in a better financial position or have better funding, but it was the vision and the why that ultimately made them stand out from the rest.

The why – not the what – really does have the ability to change the course of history and make a true impact on the world.

Ultimately, we know and understand that people are not motivated by what you want to change, but by why you want to make a change.

We know your team will feel inspired by a cause and the great story you have written together to achieve your vision. They are looking for company mission, not a red-taped manual that contains none of their own ideas or input.

Think: Where Is the World Going?

Reinventing your business in the right way is key to successful change. This doesn’t just stem from you being aware of your own business, but awareness of other businesses and the wider world alike.

So, before you investigate change and how to reinvent your business, it’s imperative you do the research and make sure your changes reflect where the market and wider world are headed. And if you are unsure where the world is going – follow the consumer.

Being business owners ourselves, we are proactive in the market and understand it well. We want to use our knowledge, personal experience and expertise to help businesses understand where they can and should be reinventing and making changes. Thus, ensuring they can focus on their key objectives and achieve their goals.

Be sure to Empower Your Influencers

If you truly want to reinvent, and thus make and embrace change, we know you can’t do this alone. The most effective way to execute is to identify your intellectual capital.

In short – who are your true leaders? (that focus on the ‘why’). Who in your business are influential characters that will people follow? Bear in mind, these aren’t always your executives or senior team, but the team members that people listen to and have influence.

Once you have established who they are – empower them to lead. When you on board your team of influencers, give each one the responsibility of a certain aspect of your business’s reinvention.

Change will be a success when you have on-boarded a collective mindset, and you will need to appoint your influencers to change individual and team mindsets.

Embrace the Change by Replacing the Fear

We understand, with change, comes fear of the unknown. But the real magic happens when you face that fear collectively, rather than run from it.

A great example of one of the most influential changemakers of the past century, Nelson Mandela, said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” That “something else” is the WHY we talk about above.

We encourage you all to choose the WHY, over fear. It is your choice, but we know it will make a difference.

Most businesses merely cope with change as it occurs. But the most successful businesses change their mindset.

In summary, to create that shift in mindset throughout your business, start with the why. Figure out where the world is going, then stand back and take a hard-honest look at your company and see if you have what you need to get there before the world does.

Stonelink International have developed a very user-focused tool that is free to use and helps you asses where you are as a business and what actions that can be taken to move forwards in the right direction.

So, identify your influencers to make that change… and empower them to embrace, then replace, the fear.

If you reinvent thoughtfully and in the right way, with the correct advice on hand, it could be the best business decision you ever make.

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