It’s NOT business as usual when you Pivot One Part or the Whole of Your Business


It’s NOT business as usual when you Pivot One Part or the Whole of Your Business

An established business is always on the lookout for new opportunities through which they can expand and grow. The transition can come in the form of a completely new business model or a consolidation in the same sector.

Pivoting a business always leads to some form of change. When a business decides it is time to expand or transition, it often leads to changes in two fields. The first being technology, whereby a business wants to make efficient use of the resources it already has. The second being real estate. Businesses want to expand their offices, break the lease for better terms or shift to a new location altogether to better serve their clients.

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Changes in technology are easily addressed with the addition of new software. However, changes in real estate are more complex. Once you decide to pivot, you must understand, that this is not business as usual. There will be constant bumps and changes and you need a stomach for it or what we call leadership skills and experience.

Disruptive changes brought about by technological and social factors are creating swings in the market. During a business transition, any swing of the market could cost you and leave you in financial distress. To reduce uncertainty and risk exposure, it would be optimal to have a partner that is in your corner. A team who will be there to guide you through the complex world of real estate and the contracts that will be in place.

Pivoting one part or the whole of your business needs a fool proof strategy for executing a transition but the market may have other ideas in store. Swings, speculation, Brexit, and a changing economy add to a complex real estate market making uncertainty inevitable. Stonelink International works with business owners on their complex road map to reduce uncertainty, executing their transition plan flawlessly and in a cost-effective manner – especially in such tumultuous times where Brexit has added uncertainty to the mix.

Furthermore, it is a priority for businesses key to keep costs low during the pivot. That is why here at London Real Estate Brokerage, we have one of the most flexible pricing solutions that is geared towards business owners. You can choose from a range of commission, retainer or even the flexible daily rate service fee for special projects. This model ensures that you are paying exactly for the service you are getting and not more.

To find out more, ask your real estate broker on how we are able to help and in fact add value to your Pivot plans.
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