Is Your Real Estate Department a Worthwhile Investment… Or an Unnecessary Expense?

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Is Your Real Estate Department a Worthwhile Investment… Or an Unnecessary Expense?

The number of startups has increased tremendously in the past few years which have enhanced the demand for outsourcing projects and even departments, because of the limited amount of financial capital available to them. If you are operating in sectors like finance, manufacturing, construction, or property management especially, improving and increasing revenues and cutting costs would be among your main goals in the initial years of doing business.

With these other objectives at hand that are complex yet important and have to be fulfilled, the need for having an internal real estate department may seem costly and ineffective. The basic costs that this department would incur include hiring employees, keeping them motivated in a down market and orderly in a growing market, covering insurance costs (including the hidden insurance fees for sick benefits among others), bonuses and perks, pension, PAYE / NI, commissions and fees for successful transactions as well as the cost of running the office.

Because of these costs and other objectives, experts and professionals in the field advise that you take the help of virtual assistants or companies that offer a smart and cost effective outsource model to be efficiently incorporated into your current business model with minimal disruption.

Stonelink International, one of London’s leading real estate brokers, provides this active and focused preferred partner offering named “Plug ‘n’ Play”. As the name suggests, the service ‘plugs’ into your company and becomes the Real Estate Department and ‘plays’ with minimal fuss and no disruption as your outsourced real estate director.

“With technology disrupting the Real Estate sector as a whole, it became apparent most companies were playing follow the leader and doing as everyone else, by investing heavily in technology to fully automate and reduce labour to streamline operation efficiencies. They failed to realise technology is an enabler, a transaction facilitator, that in fact helps real estate professionals fulfil key projects, ideas, strategy, establish new leads and execute real estate transactions,” says Nicholas Tsiougos, Managing Director of Stonelink International.

“Technology is not a magic wand, you tap it and it does the trick. It is understandable that the old internal operational model is clunky, inefficient and expensive, however you need expertise and experience with oversight and accountability to execute transactions. This is why our Plug ‘n’ Play model is the answer.”

Companies that are in the Fin-tech space are a classic example. The Plug ‘n’ Play model could be used as a Fin-tech real estate option whose objective is to impact all parts of the value chain from project planning to brokerage, optimise workflow, decrease environmental impact and create a more acute understanding of the model and the business offering they have for their clients who are looking to grow their operations in the UK and need a virtual real estate department.

This is an enormous lead in innovation for Stonelink International, a boutique real estate firm, who have an in depth understanding of the many variables to consider in a real estate transaction, where technology alone is not the answer. As the world urbanises at an increasing rate, the pressure to keep up with the changes is huge and your company will need to shift quickly as per the needs of your clients and customers and having a commercial real estate advisor for this purpose at your fingertips, is an excellent solution.

For further details on how the Plug ‘n’ Play model will help you execute better, call Stonelink International team direct on: + 44 (0) 207 993 4081 or visit