How to Get a Property Broker That Delivers Results, Not Excuses!

How to Get a Property Broker That Delivers Results, Not Excuses!

For any expanding business, an experienced London property broker who will add value to the process is a must. After all, the roles they play are extensive; sourcing property, property advisor, project management, understanding and explaining leases, negotiating contracts, liaising with agents, lawyers, landlords, company directors’ and partners, drawing in resources, supporting you as a business owner, while understanding your needs throughout the whole process.

As a business owner, you want a property broker that will deliver results, not excuses – especially if you’re looking for a long-term working relationship. However, finding a broker that can deliver all of this, and execute it at the highest level can be difficult to come by.

Aside from the obvious factors, such as the investment (daily rate or monthly retainer), the time you will save, the instant convenience, and the property broker’s resources and experience, what should you look for in a broker to ensure you’re getting the best service, and best outcome possible?

Here are our top 5 questions that you should ask before hiring your property broker.

1 – Have you worked with a business / industry like mine before?

No two businesses are alike, and so your specific needs won’t be the same as someone else’s, just because you’re in the same industry. However, they are likely to be similar. Finding a property broker who has worked with similar clients or industries to you, means they are able to draw on their past experiences, advise extensively and provide valuable insights. Remember, it’s all about effectively using your time and making it simple for you.

2 – Why should I choose you? What is unique about you?

The focus must be on you, and your needs. The property broker must want to solve your problems and demonstrate this with solutions and tailor the service towards your individual goals in an action plan. Next, start work on these deliverables.

At Stonelink International, the London broker, solutions for business owners with expanding operations may range from sourcing office space to rent across multiple cities, assistance with lease negotiations and lawyers, home finder for the employees being relocated and their families, referring a top education advisor for the family with children, and advising on property investment opportunities. An all-in-one service focussed on your bespoke needs.

Furthermore, the property broker will be confident in their service by providing flexible pricing solutions that is geared towards you. By choosing from the monthly retainers for a specified period of time or for special projects or even the flexible daily rate service fee for advisory and client representation, gives you options. This model ensures that you are paying exactly for the service you are getting and not more.

3 – Can you give examples of any significant lease negotiations you have undertaken?

You should never assume that all real estate companies or property brokers have significant experience in all aspects of commercial real estate. There are multiple commercial property types and lease negotiations can have many moving parts to them, and it is important to know whether your broker has experience in key aspects that will potentially be a big part of your negotiations. For example, if you’re expecting to expand the office and will need to fit out the new space in line with your brand, look for a broker with experience in fits outs, as they will have extensive inside knowledge in what to prepare and ask the landlord or seller and be able to bring in resources faster and make the process more streamlined and efficient for you.

4 – What locations / cities are you most familiar with?

As a potential tenant, you need a property broker with in-depth knowledge of the specific market you’re interested in, so they can advise you accordingly. You should first narrow down potential locations by where would best fit your business needs, and then make sure to use a broker with first-hand experience and knowledge of these locations. For example, a London Real Estate Firm like Stonelink International is based in the capital of England, but the work and locations they cover extend to Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Taking on a property broker to help your business expand across multiple cities and countries will be a tremendous coup for your business in the long run. Save time, money, grow quicker in a cohesive way.

5 – What about real estate interested you in the first place?

Working with a broker that fully understands you, can have a hugely positive effect on the whole experience. Asking for a deeper insight into their personal and professional passion can help you decide whether you’re likely to have a positive working relationship, as well as tell you about their commitment to their own business and clients.


The property broker who values their craft, as much as you value yours, will shine through in the early stages of the discussion. Be sure to pick up on this point as it will make the relationship a delight and one to cherish.

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