Expand and Grow Your Business and Keep the Real Estate Cost in Sight

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Expand and Grow Your Business and Keep the Real Estate Cost in Sight

Entrepreneurs are the building blocks of any society and contribute towards progression and innovation wherever they operate. Business owners not only provide services or products that improve lives, but they also give back by providing employment opportunities.

A key aspect of being a business owner is understanding the needs of your business. The basics of economics dictate that three essential components are required for a business to thrive, expand, and ultimately be an industry leader. These elements are land, labour, and capital. Labour is a constant variable and the supply of labour is always outpacing the demand. Technology is changing at an exponential rate and no one knows what an AI-powered future will look like. That leaves us with land.

Since ancient times, ever since the concept of landownership was enshrined, it has been one of the oldest trades in the game. You might start your business out of a garage or a basement, a cafe or even a dorm room. But at the end of the day, when the time comes to expand, you are going to shift out of necessity to a bigger space.

If you are unsure of what stage your business is at and whether it is the right time to expand or not, you can take a quick survey free of cost to assess your situation.

That is where Stonelink International comes in. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all your real estate problems. At Stonelink International, we understand that businesses need to run a lean and efficient operation in order to be successful. Hence, our pricing model is flexible and is geared to cater to your situation. Our pricing model consists of commissions, retainer fee, and even daily service rate so that you may choose the service you need and pay for exactly that and nothing more.

At Stonelink International, we understand that your needs may go beyond conventions of buying and selling. That is why our company offers real estate investing advice as well, opening up new streams of revenue for your business.

Business owners have their own area of expertise and strengths. Real estate is a complex affair that is best left to the pros, especially in such tumultuous times where Brexit has added uncertainty to the mix. All these reasons make it even more convincing for a business to have a real estate consultant in their team. One that advises them on any real estate decision that business owners might take in light of expanding or even making an operation leaner to decrease costs.

Stonelink is committed to adding value at every step of the real estate process. We work with our clients to provide the best solution forward at variable rates that are reflective of the amount of inputs that go into a certain project.