CASE STUDY: Hedge Fund Purchases Business that Comes with a Real Estate Portfolio – How Do They Move Forward?

CASE STUDY: Hedge Fund Purchases Business that Comes with a Real Estate Portfolio – How Do They Move Forward?

At Stonelink International we’re experts in helping a wide range of clients invest wisely in London commercial real estate. We understand that each client is different, and has specific requirements and goals in mind, which is why we always tailor our approach to you.  

Here we have outlined one of our successful investor stories.

The Process Broken Down;

  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Assess Contractual Outcomes & Obligations
  • Marketing & PR Campaign 
  • Deal Progression & Negotiation
  • Disposal of Asset


The Challenge

A Hedge Fund recently bought out a tech firm in London. Unlike their usual deals, this one came with a small real estate portfolio. While some of the commercial properties had obvious business uses, there was one in particular that posed a challenge to the directors – which would be the most profitable course of action; keeping the property or selling it?

In need of expert advice, as well as someone to handle every aspect of the property, they reached out to Stonelink International.

The Tailored Approach

The first step was to meet with the Hedge Funds board of directors. This enabled us to fully understand their business, and then assess the challenge in direct relation to the company. During the meeting it became clear that the company was fully focussed on leveraged buy-out tech firms. 

In this case we concluded that if retained, the property would become a costly distraction and burden in the future. Therefore, we decided to move forward and prepare the property for market.

The Result.

From here, we prepared a tailored action plan and moved quickly to market. We took care of every aspect for the company, from preparing the property for viewings, marketing it to the right people, to negotiating the final sale. 

The executed marketing and PR campaigns were not only designed for the specific property but also took into account the current negative economic factors and political global climate due threats and issues. This resulted in the property being picked up by a global client looking to occupy London office space in record time, when compared to surveyor timeframes proposed, within this pocket of London. 

The negotiations with clients and legal teams were completed smoothly and efficiently, and the property was sold for a profit within weeks of it being first acquired by the hedge fund. Our client was able to save time and money during the process, enabling them to move on to what they do best – their next large buy-out deal.


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