Business Owners

Business Owners

You've got an idea?
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Commission Service
The Commission
Broker Service
Perfect for the Business Owner who knows what they want.
- Initial Free Consultation
- Sales
- Acquisition
- Leasing
- Sourcing
- Third Party Referrals
Retain Real Estate Broker
The Retained
Broker Service
Perfect for the Business Owner who wants  access to all resources and the broker for periods up to 3, 6, 9 & 12 months.
- Initial Free Consultation
- Sales
- Acquisition
- Leasing
- Sourcing
- Lease Negotiation
- Commercial Property Management
- Relocation
- Advisory
- Research
- Data Mapping
- Knowledge Resources
- Third Party Resources
The Residential
Relocation Service
Perfect for Employees and Families relocating to London.
- Initial Free Consultation
- Source & Inspect Properties
- Live Video & Pictures
- Price Negotiation
- Tenancy Agreement Guidance
- Move In

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Why Give Us The Responsibility

  • We work with business owners from multiple sectors that turn over between £250K - £10 mln per annum.
  • We are experienced and responsible business owners who understand the pressures and deadlines that need to be met.
  • An experienced real estate advisory team gives you comfort in knowing we hold your hand throughout your journey.
  • We move quickly with an action plan to help you avoid costly mistakes and not waste time in a city that moves fast.
  • Boutique firm with close knit real estate advisory team
    ensures strict confidentiality through the entire process.
  • We specialise in solving complex problems.
  • We work with multiple investors, landlords, business owners, funds, VCs and family offices.
  • Fees are agreed in advance and offer certainty to allow the client to budget accordingly. Ultimately, we want to find the solutions that best suit all parties.
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