Brexit and Its Opportunities for Global Business

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Brexit and Its Opportunities for Global Business

With the current uncertainty regarding Brexit, it might look bad for trade markets in the short term but it could present a whole new world of opportunity in the long run for more liberal trade. As the UK exits the EU, much of the coming years’ talk will be consumed by talks on implications of trade on both the UK and the EU with its partner Commonwealth countries.

From the total 53 Commonwealth countries, Australia and New Zealand are under great focus. This is because the UK is Australia’s eighth largest two-way trading partner and accounts for around 25% of the total trade of the EU’s 28 members with Australia. Currently, the Australian government is in the process of negotiating and striking a deal with the EU. However, according to experts, Brexit could mean a renewed opportunity for Australia and New Zealand to sell into a tariff-free market in the UK and therefore should complete the deal with the UK first.

This would also reap benefits for businesses and companies who are doing business in the UK or are willing to start their business operations in the UK whose origin is from Australia and New Zealand. Completing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) first with the UK would also produce better access and provide a gateway for Australian service oriented businesses to the UK market and to opt for relocation to London.

In order to relocate to London and grow business in London, Australian and New Zealand companies would require real estate services to set their foot in the UK. This would be beneficial and boost the economies of Australia and New Zealand. For this reason, Stonelink International – London’s Real Estate Broker understand the unique need of each business that is coming forth to grow their business in London. “International firms, especially from Australia and NZ who have a lot moving parts in terms of relocating staff and family, logistics & transportation of vital equipment want to ensure the commercial space and property they will move into, is ready for them, well ahead of time, says Nicholas Tsiougos, Managing Director of Stonelink International. “This avoids the chaos of loss productivity and costly mistakes, in a fast moving-city, with strong competition from local and international firms already on the ground.”

To ensure a smooth transition for newly set businesses, Stonelink International partner with expert service organizations, including Global Front Room, who provide the end to end support on the ground, in the role of Virtual Chief Operations Officer. “The heartbeat of any organization looking to expand and scale will be their operations, and running this key part of the business is more than often overlooked and takes longer than anticipated, in a highly competitive and bigger market,” says Laura Mercurio, Managing Director of Global Front Room. “Trying to juggle this, along with finding commercial premises, from the other side of the world, is certainly challenging, at the best of times. Through our collaboration with Stonelink International, we are able to help businesses grow and evolve from well before they step foot in the UK, so when companies do arrive, they are ready to focus on the important areas of growing the business.”

It is widely thought, surrounding the uncertainty of Brexit, that all businesses and investments will be hurt. It is simply not true. In fact, there are businesses – especially in the Fintech and Technology space, who haven’t even been touched by Brexit and only gone from strength to strength. It’s business as usual and this only means more opportunities will open and help strengthen the UK economy.

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